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To place a Stripe Hog Waterblasting System on every Runway and Roadway in the world while ensuring that we are exceeding customers’ expectations ALWAYS. To maintain an energetic, productive work environment that drives innovation and excellence, creating raving customers, driving profitability and consistent personal and financial growth.

Waterblasting Technologies Company Profile

We have become the clear market leaders worldwide with more units working around the globe than our 5 closest competitors combined. We will work tirelessly to maintain this position by always thinking outside the box and listening to our customers concerns.

Waterblasting Technologies manufactures the Stripe Hog® Waterblasting System and Smart Vac® Vacuum Systems which are used to remove rubber deposits from touchdown zones on runways and all types of traffic markings from asphalt and concrete runways and roadways.

The Stripe Hog® Waterblasting System quickly and completely removes all types of durable traffic markings from asphalt and concrete surfaces with the least amount of negative impact to the surface. The Stripe Hog® does its work using many needle sharp 40,000 psi water jets and a powerful vacuum recovery system, called the Smart Vac® that leaves the road or runway clean and almost dry. The resulting debris is quickly de-watered using a patented process, so that the debris can then be dumped in a dried state in one big clump that easily falls from the tank.

Waterblasting Technologies was founded in 1988 by its’ current President & CEO, James P. Crocker. It began as a small pressure cleaning company named Pressure Cleaning Services Inc. servicing primarily the residential community. After becoming a thriving and successful residential and commercial painting company in 1995, high pressure water jet pumps became a valued part of the business in removing paint and various coatings. The opportunity soon arose to use these high pressure water jet pumps to remove road markings. Mr. Crocker was fascinated with the speed at which the markings were removed and the jets ability to remove such tough materials without substantially damaging the road surface.

The original Stripe Hog® was developed in 1997 as the company sought to develop a machine that could semi-automatically perform the removal with near perfect and repeatable performance. The company built and rebuilt many machines to service the growing list of customers using its’ stripe removal services. This striping and rubber removal contract service company still exists today and operates as a real-time, rugged laboratory for all the Stripe Hog® innovations. Although Waterblasting Technologies has successfully completed removal projects in more than 40 states in the US and many other countries around the world, we do our best not to compete with our customers.

Through rigorous research and development, the Stripe Hog® paint and rubber Removal System has continued to evolve over the years. The speed at which the system was developed was drastically reduced because as a contractor using the machines every day, the units had to reckon with real time results produced by every day continuous use. There became a growing number of contractors that thought the Stripe Hog® System would be a hot commodity if offered for sale. This brought a growing conviction that waterblasting in general had a great future in the runway cleaning and paint removal business and that the Stripe Hog® is by far the fastest and most economical solution in the industry. Acting on those convictions the “Stripe Hog®” made its’ debut at the annual ATSSA convention in Phoenix, AZ, in February of 2005 and received the Innovation of the Year Award. Now with many patents pending and numerous patents approved throughout various parts of the world, the Stripe Hog® (Stripe Bull) has been sold in more than 43 countries and is operating in an estimated 80 countries around the world. Some airports and contractors utilize their Paint and rubber removal systems in multiple countries within a given airport consortium.

As inspectors, engineers and DOT officials become exposed to these ultra-efficient and effective paint and rubber removal results with the least amount of negative impact to the surface, the waterblasting method continues to gain momentum as the preferred method for road and runway marking and runway rubber removal. Once an authority is convinced of the benefits of the method, we always hope we will have the chance to educate and invest in the awareness of the prospective customers’ knowledge related to our machines as well as our 9 competitors throughout the world.

After every sale, our customer support and service system is immediately initiated for our customers. Being a contractor ourselves gives us a clear understanding of the urgent nature of our business. You can reach one of our technicians within 10 minutes 24/7 through our state of the art phone system. Customers can also access support online at where they can find online training videos, service bulletins and an online store to easily order parts complete with pictures, specify destination and speed of shipment all day every day. We have 9 languages represented in our customer support team including English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Creole, Romanian and Polish. We look forward to adding more as our global footprint continues to expand. We build on Truck Chassis that are sourced within the country of destination in order to provide a single point of warranty and service throughout the life of the vehicle.

Our responsibility and unwavering commitment to our product and customers begins at the point of sale and shall have no end.

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