Rumble Hog or GRumble Hog?

That is the question at Waterblasting Technologies today! Should we change the Rumble Hog name to be called the Grumble Hog?

No, it’s not because our customers are grumbling about their purchase! It’s actually quite the opposite of what our customers tell us across the USA and Europe. Of course we have had challenges along the way but we work diligently to make this product a tool that every major striping contractor wants in their fleet.

The real reason for the possible name change is when the Rumble Hog was created the only application was cutting rumble strips so the name seemed to fit but this year we created a universal drum that added two more applications to the machine. Both of these applications start with “GR”! GRinding and GRooving. So, logic would suggest that we should rebrand the Rumble Hog to the GRumble Hog so no one thinks that this machine only cuts rumble strips! You could actually buy this machine for any one of these applications and justify it but what we really want you to know is how powerful it is at each one in its own right.

So, please cast your vote by clicking on the logo below that you think this machine should be called. Either logo will take you to the current Rumble Hog page so you can get more details about this 3 applications in 1 machine!

Thank you for your feedback and stay tuned for the results!

Dave Friday
VP, Sales & Marketing